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Business Areas, Flexible Packaging

Polyester Films

  • Designed to suit a variety of applications, ranging from Packaging, Textiles, Industrial, Electrical, Labelling, Medical, Security and many more.

Vacmet’s polyester film range is available from 8 microns to 75 microns in corona, chemical or un-treated and can be slitted to widths as narrow as 25 mm.

BOPP Films

  • Starting from 8 microns to 50 microns, these films are suitable for various applications such as Packaging, Adhesive Tapes, Labelling, Decorative to name a few.
  • Current product range includes Matt Films, Low temperature Sealable Films, High Barrier Films, Anti-Fog films, Pearlised and White Opaque films. Films can be slitted as per specification on a 76 or 152 mm core.

Transparent Barrier Films

  • We offer a variety of High Barrier Films suitable for Packaging of Dry and Wet products.

Metallized Films

  • Metallized products act as an alternative for products that are perceived to be less environmentally attractive with similar properties like foil. PVC etc. The extremely thin layer of only 0.00005 mm thickness of metalizing offers the highest yield per m2 compared to other barrier materials.
  • Metallized films find their application in Flexible Packaging, Insulation, Gift Wrap, Labelling etc. Metallized film can be offered in optical densities as low as 0.20 and as high as 4.0 in width starting from 25 mm.

Metallized Paper

  • Metallizing on paper can be done via direct metallization and transfer process. Metallized Paper provides aesthetic appeal of product and enhances barrier properties. Metallized Board and Paper have an attractive bright metal layer that is obtained by either of the two processes, which impart a scintillating finish to it.

Holographic Films

  • Holography has become a means of preventing duplication and providing brand protection. Vacmet manufactures a wide range of Holographic Packaging Films on PET & BOPP. These are commonly used for Flexible Packaging, Metallic Yarns, decoration& Labeling.
  • Besides Holographic Films, Holographic paper can be offered for High End Labels, Chocolate Wrappers, Food Products Packaging, Tobacco Boxes, Cigarette Boxes, Decoration & security. With its excellent printable surface and high gloss, the applications of this product are many.