Flexible Packaging


Technicia has been active in the flexible packaging sector, supplying converters with various quality grades of paper used for wrapping. Technicia has been working closely with Cartonal Italia, an Italian Broker, to sell about 3000-4000 tons of paper to the Egyptian market annually.

Cartonal has been supplying various markets around the world within the flexible packaging industry, the self-adhesive and label market, as well as the tobacco industry. Cartonal also supplies semi-finished products with more complex structures which are more suitable for storing candies, fatty foods, freeze-dried and pharmaceutical products.

In the label industry, Cartonal's presence has been well-established in large groups that use silicone base paper. Cartonal also offers a wide range of products for alkali-resistant labels, moisture resistant labels, and base paper for metalizing.

Website: Cartonal / Italy

Products Offered:

White Paper

  • Twisting Milk White Paper
  • Opaline Paper
  • Sulphite Paper
    • 20 and 40 gms
    • Sulphite Paper + PE
  • One and Two Sided Coated Papers
  • Paper Coated with PE
  • Siliconized Paper

Aluminum Foil

    • Soft and Hard
    • From 6.2 microns up to 40 microns


    • BOPP
    • Oriental Polypropylene (OPP)
    • Polyethylene